Article in Intergal Leadership Review, August-November 2016 Issue

In the latest Integral Leadership Review Heidi, Hilary and Dana illustrates how Eros/Power is related to Teal and Next Stage organising.

What has Eros/Power to do with Teal Organising? Quite a lot!


Interview in the Integral Leadership Review

Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert, authors of Eros/Power, Inquiry in the Spirit of Love, hosted by Eric Reynolds in a conversation about the book. 

Article in Enlivening Edge

Andy Paice wrote an article and interview in Enlivening Edge about the experiences and reflections from the Eros/Power workshop in the Integral European Conference in Siofok, Hungary in May 2016.

What's Eros Got to do with Reinventing Organizations

Integral Leadership Review: Bradbury and Torbert. Eros/Power – Love in the Spirit of Inquiry

Reviewer Joseph Friedman, writing a review on Eros/Power. He describes it as “wonderfully brave, highly readable… Bradbury and Torbert draw attention to the need to be aware of one’s relationship to Eros and how that energy plays out in relationships between men and women in organizations.