Can you approach love in a way that opens your eyes rather than blinds you? Can you love passionately, compassionately, and dispassionately all at once? Can you love non-possessively but with commitment? Can you love inquiringly, bringing benefit to your beloveds? What is the relationship between your spiritual life and embodied love? How are we each to engage this great life adventure, in spite of our unique wounds? In this book filled with passion, compassion, and dispassion, Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert go way, way out on a limb. Sharing their erotic autobiographies with us - the beautiful and the ugly - starting with the history of their relationship with one another as professor and student, they invite exploration of the secret places where true love gets lived (and gets crushed). They ask us to reflect on our own stories of love and loss as a way to re-imagine the whole world of erotic friendship in more life affirming ways, at home, at play and at work. Coaxing love under the sign of inquiry they suggest that we already know that passionate love can enchant us, exerting a power over us that can feel like the most liberating feeling in the world. Yet it can also lead us into torturous agony. They discuss the exercise of power to love rather than imprison self and other. These pages invite you to invite yourself and your friends further into this living inquiry, inviting love with inquiry, joining Eros with Power.

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Eros/Power webinar with Hilary Bradbury, June 2016

If you were not able to join us in the Tao institute Eros/Power webinar, you may access the recording at this link as well as the slides that Hilary prepared. The conversation will continue online at this link for as long as you all want to join in.

Reading for the week: This link is to the book information page which contains both a free sample from the book, authors bios and various reviewers comments:

Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry


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