Transforming Organizational Gender and Power Dynamics:
Certification Program for Internal and External Change Agent

"Power without love is reckless and abusive. Love without power is sentimental and anemic" - MLK

Have you fallen in love with the work of Eros/Power? Do you find yourself at a bit of a loss as to what’s next: for you, for your community for your client organizations? We have prepared a program for change agents, consultants and coaches so that more of us are equipped with capacity to demystify the territory of power and relationship. We bring an applied & experiential developmental perspective, so together we learn more skillful interventions in support of sustainable organizational transformation.

Organizations want and need a new level of collaborative creativity. Our program is aimed at deeply exploring the role of Eros and Power in each of our lives, so that we can be trustworthy guides in helping our clients navigate this challenging terrain. We can be the change our organizations need to transition dominant culture.

Let’s be real: transforming power is difficult! Eros and Power are now called to the center of our awareness. The outcome: women and men access authentic collaborative potential as personal, interpersonal and cultural microcosms of innovation.

Our nine (9) month program offers certification in facilitating transformative change with a special focus on Eros/power dynamics both as obstacles and catalysts of deep collaboration among women and men. To this we bring adult development theory within a deeply experiential, embodied and relational peer-learning action research program. This global, hybrid-learning program includes:

  • Two in-person (F2F) intensives (August 2017 & January 2018).
  • Interactive webinars; Curriculum of readings and assignments.
  • Personalized online coaching and peer learning.

At successful completion you’re certified to:

  • Diagnose & design an organizational intervention (inc client coaching).
  • Share intellectual property in support of your delivery of this material.
  • Lead a 1-2 day Organizational Eros/Power workshop.
  • Join an ongoing community of relational action inquiry practice.

Designed for change agents willing to engage the shadow and light of power in its expression from coercion to mutuality. Expect both to engage in your own inquiry/practice and to be a friend to others in the program as they do likewise.   


START:               F2F August 2-5, 2017 in Portland OR.
TUITION:           $4, 990 (EU 4,500)*
WHO:                 Organizational Change Agents.
REGISTER:        Primary Contact 

* Tuition may be paid in one or two installments. Does not include lodging and travel for two F2F meetings.

By application.          Program LIMITED to 12.

Contact:                     Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., e:

                                    Dana Carman.  Mobile: + 1 425 830 8514


Heidi Gutekunst co-founder of Amara Collaboration, previously an advertising CEO leading her digital agency through a significant transformation. Recipient of numerous International leadership awards.

Dana Carman - a seasoned executive coach and leadership consultant working globally. Hilary and Dana bring additional zest to their work together given their inquiry filled - delightful and tormented - life partnership and collaboration.

Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., Professor of Organizational Psychology, a leading action researcher, convener of AR+. Integrating Zen and relational social science/practice, her recent book, with Bill Torbert, is Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry (Integral Publishers, 2016).]

Bill Torbert, Professor Emeritus Carroll Graduate School of Management, recipient of numerous teaching awards. Bill’s research recognition includes Top Ten Harvard Business Review article on leadership & adult development.



“About the Eros/Power Workshop I will use just two adjectives: shocking and revealing! Shocking because of the very loving but professional way it led me to explore my deep and hidden aspects about my sexuality and sensuality, both male and female sides, with which rarely I made contact. And revealing because that exploration allowed me to understand that the way these issues work and that the process is critical to everyday relationships with others, especially women.”  - Juan Carols Aldir Brazil 

​The EROS POWER workshop started a deep journey within. The feminine and masculine EROS power dynamics fascinate me, and the workshop brought to the surface that this area holds so many answers for me - professional and private. It created a deep longing in me for stepping into a world with more depth, more passion, more healing. - Hanne Lindblad, CEO, Denmark.

​“This workshop was one of the highlights of the conference for me. “Intriguing,” is the impression I am left with. So many new avenues were opened that I had never before considered, and there was not enough time for thoroughly satisfying answers. For example: “How do I approach chocolate (in life)?” is a more profound question than it initially appears. The teasers in small group exercises led only to a realization that this is an invite to a life-long inquiry about how Eros, our “soul’s surging for another” can be navigated more skillfully and harvested for greater juiciness and creativity at home, at work and in solving the pressing issues in the world. I can’t wait to go back for more.” - Riina Raudne, Ph.D., Public Health Activist, Estonia.   

​If we simply define Eros as the soul surging toward an other, then Eros/Power is when we engage consciously with that energy in a way that allows the other to arise as an equal, not as an object or prey, but as a creative partner.  Our attunement may last just a few delightful moments. Better yet, it can be cultivated to produce great work together. Sounds easy! But then we remember that women and men are highly conditioned in our inter-gendered relationships to fear eros-infused friendships. So we may avoid ratter than inquire into that delightful “turned on” feeling, that eros rising.  The patterns our biology has laid down over the millennia are now playing out in radically new contexts and we are often confused, suppressed or outrageous in our response to eros. Organizations are taking more a policeman mentality of repression. What a loss! Our ideas is that Eros/Power instead is a dynamo of creativity that can flourish. But only when we are mindful of how we use this great energy. We have to become more mindful of own way of working with power. Said simply, our seeking mutuality in the midst of eros is to experience a journey to Eros/Power. Our being unconscious is to either get controlling, defensive or plain old shut down and dull. The fuller expression of creativity in relationship, where inquiry replaces “power-over” and enduring friendship can nourish us, is Eros/Power. It fuels life itself. Why not let it fuel next stage organizations. I think this is what none other than financial genius Warren Buffett meant when he said it is women who will fuel the next economic breakthrough. Women who stop seeing themselves through distorted patriarchal gaze. Yea he said that. Women's energy is really a relational, erotic energy, when partnering in a healthy way with men. It fuels humanity no less. It's not a stretch to see it related to the Big Bang!